High Praise for robert Kourik‘s new Book — Understanding Roots

“I’ve been waiting my whole life to read this book..Robert Kourik makes a major contribution to the science of horticulture and to plant lovers everywhere.” Jeff Cox, Former editor of Organic Gardening

Understanding Roots

Paperback: $20.00—includes free shipping in the continental USA only and tax Retail: $24.95
Also available as an eBook PDF for $15.00

This book uncovers one of the greatest mysteries of the underground—the secret lives of roots. Illustrated with 140 enchanting and revealing root drawings by horticulturalists literally working in the trenches, it’s a superb guide to raising better trees and shrubs and growing abundant fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Among other science-based secrets, you’ll learn how to apply mulch, fertilizers, compost, and water for the most abundant growth. With eighty percent more new information than the best-selling Roots Demystified: Change Your Garden Habits to Help Roots Thrive, this is NOT a revised edition—it’s a whole new book.

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