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Sustainable Food Gardens

Thinking About Cultivating a Victory Garden?

With the information in this book, you can achieve Victory over:

·  Back-breaking tillage (no-till techniques)

·  Clay soil (deep mulching)

·  Low yields (improved soil)

·  Ugly gardens (ornamental edible landscapes)

·  Drought (efficient mulching)

·  Pests (true companion planting)

·  Low fertility (green manures)

·  Tedious watering (elegant drip irrigation)

·  Non-native, invasive plants (non-chemical control)

In Sustainable Food Gardens you’ll learn how to find the Holy Grail of gardening—productivity, tasty food, and a beautiful, sustainable garden or yard.

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  • Softcover, 486 pages
  • More than 450 illustrations, most in full color
  • More than 4000 entries in the 22-page Index

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Roots demystified for your garden
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Roots Demystified

Change your gardening habits to help roots thrive

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I recommend this as a standard reference.

Sunset Magazine’s blog Fresh Dirt

Sunset Magazine: “Robert Kourik is crazy about roots. Yet Kourik’s purpose isn’t to amaze you, but to instruct. To that end, the book is filled with practical tips for gardeners…I recommend this as a standard reference.”  Jim McCausland, Sunset’s senior garden writer.

Roots Demystified has an extensive variety of root illustrations. (Hey, you can get a totally boring, very technical book for $200, but it doesn’t even have as many vegetable drawings.) I’ve got 16 detailed, awesome illustrations from asparagus to tomatoes, and many in between. And illustrations of the roots of seven fruit trees.

This is a great companion for my Drip Irrigation book.

Softcover, 173 pages
70 easy to understand illustrations
ONLY $30. (Cheapest used copy is $42.55 and a new copy is $162.98 on Amazon)
No tax and US mainland shipping is free
Publisher: Metamorphic Press (that's me) 2008

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Deep Roots—No, Shallow Roots—Yes

Think deep roots get deep nutrients? Guess again. Make your food forest even healthier by knowing where roots actually feed. Spoiler alert—not in deep soils.

Robert Kourik has continued to debunk rampant gardening myths and accurately portray what is going on in our soils in his latest book Aerobic Soils, giving us all a more clear idea of what is really true and what we need to do to have healthy soils, plants, and people. An epic continuation of (his) work!!
~ Matt Powers; Author, Teacher, Seed Saver, Entrepreneur, Gardener, & Family Guy


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Good Reasons to Buy This Book

1) Figure out which edibles to raise, with the most care-free varieties.
2) Lay out your garden for food, relaxation, and play.
3) Cultivate healthy self-sustaining soil for the future.
4) Attract the best pollinating and beneficial insects.
5) Choose the right plants for your landscape, climate, soil, and water supply.



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Insectary Plant List

The Biggest and Best Insectary Plant List in North America

This chart provides guidelines to the blooming cycles of various insect-attracting plants—often referred to as "insectary" plants. (The term "insectary," which previously only meant a laboratory for the study of live insects, has been adopted among horticulturists as an adjective to describe plants that attract beneficial insects.)

  • The bloom cycle of 191 plants is presented.
  • 13 beneficial insects are listed.
  • 117 plants have notations of which of the 13 beneficial insects the flower attracts.
  • There are 30 full citations for further reading.

It will also inform you on how to choose the best plants to lure beneficial insects outside of the window of midsummer bloom. Because so many beneficial plants bloom in midsummer, that time of year is a banquet of blossom for helpful bugs. Since pests don’t magically disappear in the spring and fall, this chart will help you choose the plants that will bloom in your garden during the “in-between” seasons.

Most of the bloom periods came from which is, as would be expected, Californiacentric. Some are from the Missouri Botanic Garden database. With careful observation, you will see how your garden blooms react to the seasons and "slide" the bloom-period bar on the chart toward Spring or Fall.

You will receive via email:
• A PDF document of the guidelines and citations and
• An Excel spreadsheet of the 191 plants and beneficial-insect visitations. (Use Excel version 14.7.1 or newer)
(Note: This is the product of 200-400 hours of work over three years by myself and Damien McAnany. This final set represents a tremendous amount of condensed information. The Excel spreadsheet is deemed to be the best way to present it for you.)

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understanding roots robert kourik

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Understanding Roots

Paperback: $20.00—includes free shipping to the continental USA and CA tax. Retail price: $24.95

This book uncovers one of the greatest mysteries of the underground—the secret lives of roots. Illustrated with 140 enchanting and revealing root drawings by horticulturalists literally working in the trenches, it’s a superb guide to raising better trees and shrubs and growing abundant fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Among other science-based secrets, you’ll learn how to apply mulch, fertilizers, compost, and water for the most abundant growth. With eighty percent more new information than the best-selling Roots Demystified: Change Your Garden Habits to Help Roots Thrive, this is NOT a revised edition—it’s a whole new book.

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Drip Irrigation book

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Check out my new YouTube video: Drip Irrigation Pressure Regulator video

"Buy it and save the world's water supply." ~ Sunset Magazine

Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates - 2nd Edition

Hey drip plumbers to be, you already know drip irrigation saves lots of water, but did you know that drip irrigation increases the yields of crops? Wanna know how? Read this book. I guess it’s cool as Sunset Magazine said: “Fun book, great info. Buy it and save the world's water supply.”

Sunset appreciated the only fun book on plumbing (i.e. drip irrigation). You will love it too.

The book explains how to promote the growth and flowering of all plants—trees, shrubs, and container plants—in Every Landscape and All Climates using drip irrigation. (Déjà vu. The subtitle of the book.) Also, how to avoid picking the wrong “stuff,” so you don’t easily feel overwhelmed.

Softcover, 187 pages
88 easy to understand illustrations

List Price $24.95 - Special price of $20 includes tax and shipping within the continental USA

Publisher: Metamorphic Press (that's me) 2009

Now available as a downloadable eBook for $12. Click here for drip irrigation ebook details.

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designing and maintaining
Your Edible Landscape Naturally

Softcover, 357 pages,

Now on Sale for $40

Publishers: Metamorphic Press (1986)

Buy this with my drip irrigation book for a high yielding and beautiful garden!

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Front cover
• 15 pages
Only $3!
• 19 easy to understand illustrations
Available as an eBook only.
• Publisher: Metamorphic Press (me)

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No Digging,

For a Healthier Soil and a Sustainable Garden


Mother Nature didn’t bend over much to make soil. Nature builds soil from the top down. She doesn’t dig and invert soil. This handbook is an introduction to No-Till gardening. It also includes a word about surface cultivation with the top two-three inches of soil skimmed, but no shovels used. This is a great stepping off handbook to an increasingly exciting way to garden. It can be easier on the backs of aging baby boomers. Includes permanent garden beds that thwart pesky gophers. Also includes a page of references.

Great companion to my drip irrigation book.

no till back cover
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Greater Garden Yields with Drip Irrigation
Learn More

This is an eBook (PDF) for only $6.00!

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Greater Garden Yields with Drip Irrigation
(It's not just for droughts anymore.)

Hey dripologists, wanna see how drip irrigation increases yields? First, read how the scientific literature—boring, but still fascinating—proves that, in spite of reducing water, vegetables yields go up. Nearly 100 vegetable, nut and fruit examples in 34 citations from climates throughout the country and world. Enough examples for you? You’re gonna believe it’s true. It’s even shown that yields can be up to 48% greater with drip irrigation than other methods of irrigation. Cool, no? You can learn why roots love drip irrigation moisture. Believe it or don’t, but I think you’ll learn how it works. You can also learn why so many of the soil’s critters love the upper levels of the soil. Maintaining healthy bacteria, microbes and other soil life equals greater yields. So peruse this eBook on drip irrigation of your veggies. It’s cheap.

78 pages of great information as a PDF that you can take with you on your iPad, laptop.

Buy now and the PDF will be sent to you via email - only $6 - six bucks American!

“Once again, Robert Kourik has done it! His latest book Greater Garden Yields With Drip Irrigation is the perfect blend of down to earth practical advice and interesting scientifically-accurate information.”

Dr. Judyth McLeod was the head of landscaping in a leading Australian university for thirty years. She is the most thorough and scientific garden writer in Australia. Click here to read the entire review.


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Garden Myths: The Good, The Bad, and The Unbelievable

Old-fashioned fighting swords cut in both directions. The irony is you didn’t know when the other side was coming. All gardening techniques and assumptions have a double edge. One we expect and the other side comes as a surprise. Sort of like two sides to a coin. One side remains hidden until revealed. In reality, positive approaches to gardening can have hidden detrimental consequences. Likewise, so-called harmful garden concepts often have a germ of the positive.

The trick to a lifetime of good effective gardening is to stay flexible, and to be willing to change with the feedback of unprejudiced observation and the guidance of modern research. Like a poorly-staked tree, if you don’t stay limber and flex with the winds of change, you’ll soon stiffen
into a person whose outlook is determined more by constraints than by growth. Check those assumptions, and watch out for unquestioning routine and unchanging predictability. And remember, if you don’t keep
growing, you really won’t be growing.

This book will shed light on those myths and assumptions and get you thinking about new approaches to gardening.

The Lavender Garden

Hardcover, 120 pages

Was $18.95 - SOLD OUT

Publisher: Chronicle Books (1998)

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Softcover, 170 pages

$12.95 (Out of print)

Publisher: Workman/Smith & Hawken (1997)

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Cooking from the Gourmet's Garden

Softcover, 224 pages

Was $12.95 - Sold Out

Publisher: Cole Group, Inc. (1994)

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The Tree & Shrub Finder

Hardcover, 192 pages

Was $27.95 - Sold Out

Publisher: Taunton Press (2000)

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