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A look at the gardening section of any large bookstore or library will reveal a plethora of pruning books to choose from, but if you select Pruning, Clipping with Confidence, you’ll have acquired not just another book, but a unique and valuable pruning tool. Its first 37 pages are devoted to explaining the physiology of tree and shrub growth — in other words, how plants grow in their natural state — and what each growth pattern reveals to the educated eye. This understanding, coupled with observation of specific plants over a year or so, will allow even novice gardeners to prune almost anything — even if they don’t know the name of the plant! 

This clear and readable text is accompanied by numerous pen-and-ink illustrations which show the growth of each plant before it’s pruned; added hash-marks demonstrate where to cut, and additional drawings indicate how the plant will grow after it’s pruned. 

Along the way readers will also find a number of “sidebar” boxes on pruning-related topics of special interest. Examples include: “No Pruning Required,” “Evergreen Hedges for Cold-Winter Climates,” “Evergreen Vines,” “Summer Pruning to Avoid Disease” and many more. 

This 170-page book contains 113 illustrations and 39 sidebar boxes of condensed and special information.

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Pruning, Clipping with Confidence

Softcover, 170 pages

$12.95 (out of print)

Publisher: Workman/Smith & Hawken (1997)

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