Robert Kourik’s Vitae

Publishing History

Author & Publisher of:

Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape - Naturally, 1986

Gray Water Use in the Landscape, 1988.

Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates, 1992

Author of:

Pruning, Clipping with Confidence (Smith & Hawken/Workman Publishing, 1997)

The Lavender Garden (Chronicle Books, 1998)

The Tree & Shrub Finder (Taunton Books, 2000)

Co-author of:

Composting (Ortho Books, 1992)

The Naturally Elegant Home (Little, Brown & Co., 1992)

Cooking from the Gourmet's Garden (The Cole Group, 1994)

Articles by Robert Kourik

Professional History

1974-1979 - Organic landscape maintenance in Marin County, CA

1975-1989 - Landscape construction

1975-present - Environmental, ornamental and edible landscape design and consultation

1977-present - Installer, educator, consultant and writer on graywater systems and drip irrigation systems

1976-present - Construction, education, writing and lecturing about edible landscaping

1979-1982 - Director of Edible Landscape Program, Farallones Institute Rural Center, Occidental, CA

1986-present - Environmental communications, (TerraInforma Communications), freelance writing

1986-present - Stock photography business; photos published in numerous gardening and horticulture magazines and used in slideshow presentations

1989-1995 West Coast Contributing editor to Garbage magazine

1990 - Member of the Santa Barbara (CA) County Graywater Task Force; assisted in drafting the first legal graywater ordinance in America

1992-1994 - Wrote the Graywater Ordinance for the City of Malibu, CA

1982 - present - Publisher, author, freelance writer and landscape designer

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