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“With immediacy and intensity,
smell activates memory,
allowing our minds to travel freely in time”

Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

“Aromatic. Evocative. Romantic. Soothing. Healing. All these words have been used to describe the fragrance of lavender…an aroma simultaneously fresh, floral, sweet, pungent, hay-like, woodsy, piney and citrus-like, with perhaps an elusive hint of mint…” 

Thus begins the The Lavender Garden (Chronicle Books, 1998). Fifteen varieties of lavender are described in detail: common name, botanical name, flower description, bloom period, plant and foliage description, hardiness and planting range and typical landscape use. The Lavender Garden also includes all you’ll need to know about planting and caring for your lavender. As well as reviewing various crafts made from lavender, the book includes 13 recipes from entrees to breads and desserts. 

The book was an instant success, mentioned in Martha Stewart Living, House and Garden Magazine and numerous other magazines and daily newspapers. It is still all the rage since it was first published.

“…we eagerly awaited his book, which, in spite of its size, fills the need for a comprehensive work about all aspects of the plant…We were most intrigued by what we knew least about, in this case, the culinary aspects of lavender, a chapter with mouth-watering recipes and tempting descriptions…The Lavender Garden offers valuable information for properly identifying and successfully cultivating many different kinds of lavender.” Deborah Whigham, Digging Dog Nursery, Albion, California, in the Spring 1999 issue of Pacific Horticulture

The Lavender Garden is quickly becoming the bible of American lavender growers, the first book, he said, published in America by an American for American lavender growers…His 166-page volume cuts through the arcane botanical nomenclature to identify and select 16 commonly-found favorite.” September 12, 1998, The Press Democrat

“Kourik knows what he’s talking about.’ June 17, 1998, The San Francisco Examiner

“If you are looking to grow your knowledge about varieties of lavender, or would like to foster a friend’s interest, The Lavender Garden is sure to delight.” May 13, 1998, Karen Karleski,

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The Lavender Garden

Hardcover, 120 pages

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Publisher: Chronicle Books (1998)


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