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Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Great source of "all any organic gardener needs to have a happy garden". Fantastic chart about the effects/uses of dozens of organic fertilizers by generic and trade names.



Raintree Nursery
Contact: Sam Benowitz

A fantastic selection of fruit, nut and ornamental trees and shrubs, with an emphasis on fruit trees. Has a impressive collection of new and heirloom fruit trees on various dwarfing rootstocks. A must-see site.

Matthew Banchero's Tree Service
(707) 921-9217

Matt Banchero is based in Western Sonoma County and provides a wide range of tree services from pruning to forest clearing to brush chipping to solar panel clearance. He is a friendly guy, reasonably priced, highly skilled and a pleasure to work with.

Missouri Botanical Garden

One of the top three or four botanical gardens in America. (I'm prejudiced because I grew up in St. Louis and have lectured there.) A large area devoted to home gardening and landscaping - both edible and ornamental. They have rehabbed a local house into a "green"/environmentally-friendly demonstration of what a St. Louis City owner can do to be more energy and resource conserving. Also, a sweeping collection of specimen trees among a lovely, slightly rolling landscape. A huge tropical greenhouse called "The Climatron". Be sure to visit the real gardens along with the cyber site.


Goodwin Creek Nursery
Jim Becker 800-846-7359

The single best source of a wide variety of common and hard-to-find lavenders as well as numerous herbs and ornamental plants available via mail order. Where I go to get lavender cultivars I can't get locally.



Harmony Farm Supply and Nursery
(707) 823-9125

Organic farm and garden supplies in Sonoma County. My favorite source for drip irrigation supplies.


Edible Landscaping Information

Brought to you by Avis Licht. She has over 30 years designing and building edible landscapes. Her blog is very informative. A must read.



Arborsculpture (Grafting...and More)

One of the hottest new gardening trends is grafting and shaping trees to be everything from chairs to art. This is the best site for this fascinating  horticultural work/fun. Richard Reames has written the definitive book on the subject - Arborsculpture.



Forest Gardens

Food forest gardens are all the rage now. Dave Jacke has coauthored the best book on the topic - Edible Forest Gardens. Check out his site.


Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

Terra Nova has been one of the most innovative landscape contractors for decades. They were doing sustainable before "sstainable" was used on everything from soup to nuts. They build fantastic garden beds from "urbanite" - recycled, broken-up concrete. Have used bicycles as a primary mode of business transportation. All landscape contractors and gardeners should see this site and read this blog. Lots of great information.

Ken Foster, owner
Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping (Lic.# 656636)



Edible Landscaping Nursery

Michael has been selling special edible landscaping plants for decades. He was one of the first to offer lots of special and unusual edible plants - even pineapples. Great mail order offerings.


Permaculture Project LLC

Wayne Weiseman is certified by the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to teach continuing education in Permaculture to licensed architects and landscape architects. An unusual and welcomed combination.


Edible Forest Gardens

Are you interested in Permaculture and forest gardens? This site and the two books on the subject are the best on the topic without references to tropical models. These are the first major books on the topic for temperate zone ecologies.


PlantMaster is a subscription based plant photo and information library crafted to create plant presentations and to generate plant legends for designs.

With thousands of plants at your fingertips and beautiful plant photography, discover an easier way to present your ideas to clients. The photos are fantastic.

Buy at the Source, so writers can keep on writing!

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