The Tree & Shrub Finder:

Choosing the Best Plants for Your Yard

The Tree & Shrub Finder

Hardcover, 192 pages

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Publisher: Taunton Press (2000)

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Some of the reviews:

"Robert Kourik thoroughly covers the gardening uses of shrubs and trees -- He also guides the rest of us safely past mistaken lore (there's a lot of it) and explains the methods ... proven by research."
-- Mark Kane, executive garden editor, Better Homes & Gardens magazine
"Kourik has put this important new information between the covers of one book. Trees -- and their owners -- will benefit greatly."
--Jack Ruttle, columnist for Garden Design Magazine

"It would be hard to find a better resource for taking into consideration all the practical matters involved in adding trees to the landscape or garden."
--Ann Leyhe, Horiculture Magazine

The book features 105 color photographs and seventy helpful line drawings and charts.

The Tree & Shrub Finder:  Choosing the Best Plants for Your Yard is a clearly written and practical guide designed to take the uncertainty out of selecting ornamental trees and shrubs for your home and garden.  The book uses down-to-earth, clear, jargon-free and modern information to dispel common myths and misconceptions about buying, planting and caring for trees and shrubs; in addition, it provides a fresh and modern look at choosing yard plants fro appearance and appropriateness.  The book also shows the reader how to avoid costly mistakes before purchasing and planting ornamentals, and how to prevent poor growth afterwards. 

The Tree & Shrub Finder contains references and detailed listings for over 200 shrubs and trees.  Twenty-one Plant finder charts list six to twelve plants apiece; giving for each its common and Latin name, size, USDA zones, six important environmental characteristics, and a paragraph of the potentials and limitations of each plant. 

Each Plant Finder chart can also help you choose trees and shrubs for resisting hungry deer, attracting birds, wind tolerance, ability to withstand droughts, tolerance of heavy clay soils and the ability to thrive in sandy soils.  Although the book gives no recommendations as to where to shop for your  trees and shrubs, it does contain a complete and detailed section on “cradle-to-grave” care of your yard’s ornamental plantings.  The first section ends with a chapter about planting trees as a legacy for your children and grandchildren. 

Most importantly, the section entitled “Planting and Maitenance” covers the latest information on:

Buying Trees & Shrubs
Water & Food
Pruning Trees & Shrubs
Curbing Pests & Disease

Some of the book’s highlights are:

How to plant trees in a lawn for healthy growth and long life.
Which trees don’t adapt well to lawns and which ones thrive in lawn conditions
How to choose and place trees for cooling shade and winter warmth.
How to use tree and shrub foliage to accent your yard with rich dark greens, grays and silvers, unusual colors and variegations, or brilliant fall hues.
How to select and site plants that will grow to protect your privacy.
How to attract birds and butterflies to your yard.
Which messy trees to avoid for easier lawn maintenance.
Which poisonous trees and shrubs to avoid (or get rid of) and which parts are toxic or irritating.
Why trees heave sidewalks and patios, and advice on how to plant to avoid this problem.
Why trees and shrub roots grow up and out of the soil into the decomposing litter of the forest and how this applies to the trees in your yard.
The best way to choose a tree for a safer treehouse.


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