Gardening Books - Deep Roots—No, Shallow Roots—Yes

Think deep roots get deep nutrients? Guess again.

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Think deep roots get deep nutrients? Guess again.

This “white paper” (a 71-page PDF doc) explains in detail why roots get most of their nutrition from shallow soils, no matter how deep their roots.

 This serious document has 63 citations and 31 illustrations and  graphs.  Not light reading, but essential to understanding why watering and fertilizing the top four to 12 inches of soil is the most important way to further plant growth—fruit and ornamental trees as well is vegetables.

Required reading to promote the healthiest food forest.

Robert Kourik has continued to debunk rampant gardening myths and accurately portray what is going on in our soils in his latest book Aerobic Soils, giving us all a more clear idea of what is really true and what we need to do to have healthy soils, plants, and people. An epic continuation of (his) work!!

~ Matt Powers; 
Author, Teacher, Seed Saver, Entrepreneur, Gardener, & Family Guy


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