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compost bins

It was during the height of my compost crusader period that I got a phone call from Dad saying that he had begun a compost area for each fall's bounty of leaves. Being a resourceful guy, he decided to use free pallets instead of expensive, solid redwood walls. He gathered pallets from various loading docks to make the walls of each bin. He alternated six to eight inch layers of leaves with two inch layers of horse manure with bedding sawdust and added 30-0-0 fertilizer if a pile didn’t heat up enough. After seven years of leaf composting, he had six bins with a total capacity of 22 cubic yards — nearly half the size of a small garage! He certainly was the "Captain-of-Compost" of Olivette, MO — circa 1995. (I use past tense as he sold the house after taking care of a ½-acre lawn – and a family of four – for 40 years. He happily lives in a much smaller place with no lawn to mow or compost to make. At 90, it’s time to retire—some.)




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