Deep Roots—No, Shallow Roots—Yes
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"Robert Kourik has continued to debunk rampant gardening myths and accurately portray what is going on in our soils in his latest book Aerobic Soils, giving us all a more clear idea of what is really true and what we need to do to have healthy soils, plants, and people. An epic continuation of (his) work!!"

~ Matt Powers; Author, Teacher, Seed Saver, Entrepreneur, Gardener, & Family Guy


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  • “This book is sure to become your favorite gardening tool.”

Tom Christopher, author of Garden Revolution


  • “...time-and-labor saving strategies are emphasized and explained in Robert Kourik’s latest book, 'Lazy-Ass Gardening'.”
    Fred Hoffman
  • "Bob has filled the book with lots of easy-to-follow advice for beginners and an astounding amount of “I did not know that” info for grizzled veterans of the garden wars. "
    Mike McGrath, host of Public Broadcasting’s “You Bet Your Garden”;
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