Fascinating, beautifully illustrated, and fun to read!

— Larry Korn, editor of Masanobu Fukuoka’s The One-Straw Revolution

Top Five Reasons

This NEW book needs to be on your shelf
  • Shows exactly where to apply mulch, fertilizers, compost, and water for optimal and abundant growth
  • Explains how to promote vital soil life
  • Details all methods of transplanting — the “hole” truth
  • Reveals the reasons why tillage is not recommended
  • Provides easy to access science behind all the above
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Understanding Roots

Over 140 new and revealing root drawings most people have never seen…

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  • “…a rare treasure!” John Jeavons
  • “…you have made me a better gardener!” Ivette Soler
  • “…changed how I think about plants.” Toby Hemenway
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